Brand Constellation

With the help of brand constellations you can analyze sorts of issues around the brand or the market you operate in.

Application Area:
Possible issues for consumer goods marketing: Analysis of status quo in the market, launch of new product, line- and range-Extensions in their impact on the brand family, new image campaign, emergence of new competitors etc.

Half- or one-day workshop with ca. 10 - 15 participants from Marketing, Sales, or other functions, facilitated by Copper Consulting

• quick and efficient: Results within 1 day
• dynamic: Changes within the system in their effect on all ? participants are visible in no time
• solution-oriented: development of different innovative solution strategies in the course of the constellation
• impressive and striking

In September 2013 Ulrich Cremer's book "Markenaufstellung" (= Brand Constellation) is published by Campus (Frankfurt / New York) - unfortunately available in German language only." target="_blank">zum Campus Verlag